Curtain Call Theatre Group Constitution (Adults)

 1) NAME The Group will be called "Curtain Call Theatre Group"

2) OBJECT The object of the Group shall be to encourage and provide opportunity for the enjoyment of the Dramatic Arts for individuals over the age of 15.

3) MEMBERSHIP Registration shall be open to any person interested in the objects of the Group aged 16 years or over*. The Management Committee shall have the power to restrict the entry of new members and the continuation of membership as they may consider necessary or desirable from time to time in the interests of the Group.

*On occasion, a younger member may be required to join the group for a particular role, all 'temporary' members under 16 years of age MUST be accompanied by a responsible adult/chaperone throughout all rehearsals and performances. Any younger members will also be subject to payment of a 'performance fee', which will be specified by the committee prior to the role being offered.

4) FINANCIAL YEAR The Financial Year of the Group shall be the calendar year as from 1st April to 31st March.


a.      The ‘Membership year’ will run from 1st February until 31st January.

b.      The Annual Subscription to the Group will be £60. Annual subscriptions are non-refundable. 

c.      This Subscription will be payable on or before a date specified by the Management Committee. New members in their first year will be charged an equivalent rate based on the number of months of membership in that year, all subsequent years will be at the full annual rate. Monies may be paid as one £60 payment or 12 monthly payments of £10 - Based on a 39 week academic year. Concessions (students, unemployed, pensioners etc) will be entitled to half price membership, either as one single payment of £30 or 12 monthly payments of £2.50.

d.      Failure to pay said subscription or to resign on or before this date will result in arrears accruing, these being added to the following years subscription.

e.      Non payment will also result in the said member not being considered for any Committee, Administrative or Theatre related post within the Group.

6). MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE - The affairs of the group shall be directed by a Management Committee consisting of the following Officers:-

Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer,  plus 5 other members of the Group. These being those members elected to the following posts:-

  • Membership Secretary

  • Production Manager

  • Press & Publicity

  • Fund Raiser

  • Social Secretary


a) The members of the Management Committee shall be elected for a nominal one year term.

b) The signatories of Group cheques will be any two from the five officers of the Group, with the exception that only one member of any household can become an authorised signatory in any one financial year. In addition the Officers shall have the right to appoint by majority vote one additional signatory in any one financial year from the ordinary committee members to facilitate ease of access to signatories where not all of the Officers can become signatories.

c) The Management Committee may from time to time, fill any Casual vacancy within its body, and in the case of need, co-opt other members to assist them.

d) Meetings of the Management Committee shall be called as deemed necessary by the Chairman or Honorary Secretary or on a motion by two of its members. Seven days notice shall be given in writing, by the Honorary Secretary, except in the Case Of urgency when a minimum of 24 hours notice may be given to all members of the Committee.

e) The quorum for Such meetings of the Management Committee shall be 50% + 1 of the elected members and must include 2 Officers. The Chair at these meetings will be taken by the Chairman. In the absence of the Chairman then the Vice Chairman, in the absence of both then the Chair shall be taken by another Officer. Minutes shall be taken at all such meetings.

f) In the absence of a unanimous agreement being reached then decisions will be by vote with a simple majority needed. The Chairman shall have the casting vote.

g) No item of business shall be carried forward more than three meetings without a vote being taken unless exceptional circumstances prevail.

h) The Management Committee shall be responsible to the Group for all Productions and organised activities. it shall however have the authority to delegate its responsibilities to other nominated and elected posts.

i) The Management Committee shall be responsible to the Group for the appointment of Directors, and except where employed by the group for the purpose of directing the production, the Director will be an ex-officio non-voting member of the Management Committee during the period of his or her production. If the director is employed for the purpose of directing, then he or she shall be answerable to the Management Committee for their work. They may be asked to attend Management Committee meetings for the purpose of reporting on the production.

j) Any member having business before the Management Committee shall have the right to address the committee after a decision has been taken.

k) The Management Committee may from time to time set up Sub committees to consider specific items of business. All such committees will have an appointed Chairman who will be responsible for arranging and control of all meetings held by that committee and for the appointment of a Secretary to take minutes of such meetings.


a) The Annual General Meeting shall take place on the first Monday of February each year or within sixteen weeks of the end of the financial year at a time and place to be determined by the Management Committee.

b) A minimum of 14 days notice, in writing, shall be sent by the Honorary Secretary to every member of the Group to their accustomed address as recorded by the Membership Secretary. This notice shall specify the business to be transacted at the meeting.

c) The business at these meetings shall include the following:- 1. Consideration of the Management Committee Report. 2. Consideration of the Statement of Accounts for the preceding year. 3. Consideration of the Management Committee Members' Reports. 4. Election of Officers and Members of the Management Committee. 5. Appointment of an honorary Auditor for the ensuing year.

d) Ten members of the Group, including 3 Management Committee members, shall form a quorum at such meetings and minutes shall be recorded.

e) Voting at general meetings shall be by ballot unless otherwise decided by those members present and a simple majority shall decide any issue other than as laid down in Rule 9 (Alteration of Rules).


a) The Management Committee may call an Extraordinary General Meeting of the members when -A question Of urgent importance arises, and shall be bound to do so within seven days of the receipt, by the honorary Secretary, of a written request setting out the proposed resolutions and signed by not less than 10) members.

b) The notice of the meeting shall be dispatched to all members as laid down in Rule 7b at least seven days before the date of the proposed meeting. This notice shall contain a copy of the resolutions to be moved and no other business shall be transacted at this meeting.

c) The quorum shall be the same as the A.G.M. and minutes shall be recorded.

d) Voting at such meeting to be the same as in Rule 7e.

9) ALTERATION OF RULES No Rule of the Group shall be repealed or altered and no new Rule made save by a two thirds majority of the members present and voting at the A.G.M. Notice of the intention to propose any new rule or alteration shall be given to the Honorary Secretary, in writing, not later than the end of the financial year. Such notice to be communicated to the members along with the notice convening the meeting.

10) DISSOLUTION OF THE GROUP In the event of the Group being dissolved, any funds, monies or assets standing to the credit of the Group shall be disposed of as the Management Committee may determine. Subject to the approval of the Group members at an A.G.M. Voting to be by a simple majority. 

Last up-dated 11-11-2018